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Dr Mikao Usui

In the second half of the 19th century Reiki, meaning 'Universal Life' energy in Japanese was rediscovered by a Buddhist named Dr. Mikao Usui. Dr Mikao Usui lived in the city of Kyoto in Japan, he followed Buddhism but Japan at the time had many Christian missionaries and Dr Usui became a minister and teacher of Christianity at a Christian college for boys in Kyoto.
The students questioned the doctor about Jesus' "miracles" as Jesus had said "You will do as I have done, and even greater things". The students asked, if this were true why isn't the world full of healers? Dr Usui couldn't think of an answer for his students but was motivated to find one. He resigned from college, and wanted to find out how Jesus healed. As he knew Christianity was a faith of the westerners he decided to go to America. There he enrolled at a theological college in Chicago studying comparative religion. He then learnt to read the ancient language of India and Tibet, Sanskrit. He stayed in the USA for 7 years, but returned to Japan without the answers he wanted. Thought the Japanese lotus sutras might have information for him about the method of healing used by the Buddha. Dr Usui spoke to many Buddhist monks about methods of physical healing but Buddhism had moved its focus entirely to healing the spirit, so Dr Usui, still had no answers. He finally approached a Zen monastery where the abbot there agreed that it must be possible to heal the body as the Buddha had done.

This method had been lost due to centuries of concentrating on healing the spirit. Usui stayed at the Zen monastery, studying Japanese Buddhist sutras in Sanskrit he still couldn't find information that told him how to activate the energy to heal and use it himself. He then travelled to Tibet to study the Tibetan Buddhist sutras. Scrolls were found in the 19th century that tells the travels of St. Isa in the Himalayas, thought by many to be Jesus himself. It is not proven that Mikao Usui read these scrolls but he did feel he had learnt all the answers he wanted to from the Tibetan Buddhist sutras but still didn't know how to activate the energy. Dr Usui returned to the abbot at the Zen monastery and the abbot advised him to go to a retreat on Mt. Koriyama, a sacred mountain near Kyoto to meditate and fast for 21 days.

Dr Usui agreed. collected 21 stones to act as a calendar and went to the east of the mountain, he got to his 21st day, still praying for an answer, he reached in the dark for his last stone and all of a sudden a light from out of the sky came towards him, it struck him on the third eye (the 6th charka).  Saw millions of coloured bubbles and in them he saw the Reiki symbols, each one had its own information about it which Dr Usui was told, he was also given its use in activating the healing energy. When it became light and Usui was out of his trance-like state he ran down the mountain excited to tell the Zen abbot what he had saw and learnt. As he did he stubbed his toe and bent down to hold it, he was surprised to see that within minutes the toe had stopped bleeding and was completely healed. This was the first miracle! The bottom of the mountain he found an eating place, after his 21 day fast he was very hungry. He wanted to eat a massive meal but the owner said he shouldn't cause he will be very ill eating too much after fasting for so long. He ignored him and ate a very large breakfast and it didn't affect him. That was the second miracle!

The owner's granddaughter who had served Dr Usui was in great pain for many days with toothache and a swollen jaw, Dr Usui offered to help her and she accepted. He placed both his hands at either side of her face and the pain disappeared, this was the third miracle! Usui continued to the abbot at the monastery and found the abbot in great pain with arthritis, he laid his hands on the abbot and told him of the three earlier miracles and the abbot's pain disappeared. This was the fourth miracle! All this in one day!

Usui decided to work in the beggar's quarters of Kyoto, to heal people with a view to stop them from begging, but many returned to begging. He couldn't understand this, as he devoted 7 yrs to these beggars, he asked one of them why he went back to begging and he said he didn't like having responsibility of having control over his own life so he went back to begging. It was an easier stress free life. Dr Usui then left the beggars quarters and travelled teaching Reiki, he realised he could attune others with the Reiki Symbols that he had been given. So He trained other men as Reiki Masters throughout Japan.


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