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Hypnosis Test
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How Hypnotizable are you?

Many people think they can't be hypnotized; this is in fact not true.  Numerous studies have taken place and suggest that between 80% and 95% of people can be hypnotised. One study even uses the ability to 'Roll Ones Eyes' to show how susceptible your are to hypnosis and depending how far you can rotate them up and how much the whites of your eyes can be seen correlate to how successful you will be with hypnosis!  Even people who are deemed to be analytical and strong-minded make good subjects if you can follow a set of simple instructions, then you can be hypnotized to.   So really the majority of people can be hypnotized, some find the process easy others not so, and need a little more practice to learn how to enter trance and reap the benefits of hypnosis.
Take this quiz to determine how easy it is for you to enter into this calm, receptive state where you can focus on helpful suggestions. Keep in mind that you can never be forced to do anything against your will in hypnosis. This is because you, not the hypnotist, are in control.
If you would like to take this fun quiz to see your susceptibility to suggestions, and find out how you did at the end.

This quiz is not an empirically validated quiz an is just for your information. The best way to find out how easy it is for you to be hypnotized is to let a trained hypnotherapist guide you through the process.

In which category do you fall?

In order to find out, complete all ten questions in the Hypnotizability Profile below by marking/circling only one answer per question. When finished,
keep track of your answers on pen and paper, add the points from your answers and the total will be your score.

The Answer Key at the bottom will interpret your score.

Hypnotizability Profile

1. I am between:

a. 18-30 (4 points)
b. 31-40 (3 points)
c. 41-50 (3 points)
d. 51-60 (2 points)
e. 60+ (1 point)

2. I am:

a. male (3 points)
b. female (4 points)

3. I daydream:

a. a lot (4 points)
b. rarely (1 point)
c. sometimes (3 points)

4. I am optimistic:

a. most of the time (4 points)
b. sometimes (3 points)
c. rarely (1 point)

5. I am the leader of the group:

a. most of the time (1 point)
b. sometimes (3 points)
c. I am the laid back type (4 points)

6. I like to read:

a. history books (2 points)
b. don?t like to read (1 point)
c. I am a sci-fi nut (4 points)
d. the newspaper (2 points)
e. romance (3 points)
f. fiction (4 points)

7. I am:

a. easily distracted when reading (2 points)
b. not distracted when reading (4 points)
c. I don?t like to read (1 point)
d. sometimes I am distracted (3 points)

8. I am:

a. an introvert or home body (4 points)
b. somewhat sociable (2 points)
c. I am the life of the party, baby! (3 points)

9. I am:

a. an artist (4 points)
b. military soldier (4 points)
c. corporate executive (1 point)
d. secretary (4 points)
e. student (4 points)
f. manufacturer (3 points)
g. white collar other (3 points)
h. blue collar other (2 points)

10. I am good with:

a. following orders (4 points)
b. have a hard time with authority (1 point)
c. can go either way (3 points)

Note Your Total Points : ___________________

Answer Key

If you scored:
15 points or under = you are in the hypnoidal stage: a light stage or first stage of hypnosis where the hypnotherapist may use indirect suggestions. Daydreaming is a natural stage of hypnoidal. People in this category may have up to 25% natural amnesia during hypnosis. Self-hypnosis is also achieved in this stage.
16-30 points = you are in the cataleptic stage: a medium stage of hypnosis where the hypnotherapist may use a majority of indirect suggestions and possibly, where a situation necessitates, some direct suggestion. Large muscle groups such as arms, hands and legs can be controlled in this stage. It is in this category where most general clinical work is done.
31-40 points = you are in the somnambulistic stage: the deepest stage of hypnosis where the hypnotherapist will be equally effective using both direct and indirect suggestions. This person will respond to suggested amnesia, anesthesia, hallucinations, and will relinquish control of the five senses. It is in this category where childbirth, surgeries or dentistry may be done without the use of chemicals.

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