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Mrs Hawayo Takata

It was at one of the very many clinics that Chujiro Hayashi had set up that Mrs. Hawayo Takata , born 1900 in Hawaii, came for healing. She was suffering from nervous exhaustion and was supposed to be having a life saving operation for a physical illness, but something told her to try Reiki healing first. She received treatment and was cured.
Mrs Takata broke the mould when she asked to be initiated with Reiki because Reiki was previously taught only to the 'invited' and although Hayashi had reservations because Mrs Takata was a foreigner he agreed. She had Reiki Attunements in the 1st and 2nd degree, and in 1938 Dr Hayashi visited her and made her a Reiki master, she was to be his successor. Dr Hayashi had psychic abilities and foresaw a war between Japan and America. Mrs Takata was summoned to Japan by Dr Hayashi and informed what was to happen and what she was to do to preserve Reiki. Dr Hayashi with his family around him he took his own life in full ceremonial dress as he was fearful of having to go to war which was against his principles. This left Mrs Takata with Reiki and all its responsibilities.

Mrs Takata spent many years teaching Reiki Levels 1 & 2 but only started training Reiki Masters in the last decade or so of her life. She trained Twenty-Two Reiki Masters the list of names she gave to her sister Shinobu Saito before she passed over.
The list is below: - Some of whom sadly have now also deceased.

  • George Araki

  • Barbara McCullough

  • Beth Grey

  • Ursula Baylow

  • Paul Mitchell

  • Iris Ishikura

  • Fran Brown

  • Barbara Weber Ray

  • Ethel Lombardi

  • Wanja Twan

  • Virginia Samdahl

  • Phyllis Lei Furumoto

  • Dorothy Baba

  • Mary McFadden

  • John Gray

  • Rick Bockner

  • Bethel Phaigh

  • Harry Kuboi

  • Patricia Ewing

  • Shinobu Saito (Takata's Sister)

  • Barbara Brown

The original twenty-two Masters taught by her have taught many others. Some have in fact changed the way they teach and do Reiki so it has changed somewhat from the original form that Mrs Takata had taught hence all the varying forms of Reiki that now exist. Reiki has spread rapidly in the West and is now practiced throughout all parts of the world.

The rest as they say is history!

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