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So How Much Is Your Health Worth to You?
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How Much Is Your Health Worth To You?

When you finally decide to quit, regardless of the method you choose to beat the habit there is but One Rule. Read on to find out what that is.

Okay, we have known for some years now about the health hazards of smoking. We (humans) are not stupid, but at times are capable of doing stupid things, smoking is one such act, it is a thing we choose to do for one reason or another, at the time rightly or wrongly, not fully understanding the impetus that this little white insignificant looking stick will have on your life once you to start to smoke - and how quickly you get hooked! I know, from firsthand experience as a former smoker on and off for over 30 years, I know the hook that has got a hold of you as only a smoker can understand, and yes I gave up numerous times, I realise as I look back now that I restarted by choice.

" Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I've done it thousands of times"- Mark Twain.

It is important to remember that just as with an alcoholic in remittance, s/he must refrain from having even a single drink of alcohol else s/he would relapse into the clutches of drink, an ex-smoker is only ever just 1 cigarette away from being a smoker and succumbing to that lifelong controlling habit. Although cigarettes and the smoke from it contains over 3,500 chemicals some of which are toxic in their own right the most addictive component of the cigarette is nicotine.

Would you have thought? - That Nicotine is more addictive than cocaine or heroin!

Nicotine Is An Additive Drug, and is as addictive as any of the nasty drugs you may have heard about. Smokers do not like being labelled as addicts as this conjures up images of someone hiding away somewhere in a seedy place with needles, syringes, and other paraphernalia getting their fix - but the sad truth is - an addict you are - this is because receptors in your brain have developed a craving and need their hit or fix of nicotine, your drug paraphernalia consists of a packet of cigarettes or fags, cigs, ciggie's, cancer sticks, coffin nails, smokes, rollies, baccy & papers, filter tips a lighter or matchbox and an ashtray! The more nicotine you take inside your body, the more craving you will feel for it. This is actually the reason why smokers find it difficult to give up their habit in the first place. Their brain does not allow them.

No matter why you started to smoke in the first place, regardless that you rely on cigarettes as a pick you up, or to calm you down, that you enjoy after a meal, have with a coffee, take a break at work, when out socialising with friends, as a reminder of home or something familiar when you are in some God forsaken part of the world in a fire trench, or consider the cigarette as a friend just as my wife did! She smoked for 24 years, when she quit I found her in tears on one particular day - she said "I feel as if I have lost a friend".

It is really addiction to nicotine that is the reason why you smoke, so no matter what emotional crutch you think smoking is helping you with the rest is really just some emotional context that you have incorrectly attributed to smoking.

Here's something to think about, so consider this scenario if you will:

You think of the cigarette as a dear friend, something you know intimately, something you trust, something that can be relied on when you need it, it has always been there for you - how nice is that? Such a great friend to have for sure.


You find out the truth.............

That little white cigarette took you in, all this time it had hidden agendas, it was lying to you, slowly but surely poisoning you, slowly killing you, and also all your loved ones around you being put in danger, stealing your money, sometimes even taking the last few pennies you had, controlling you, making you go out in all weathers to keep it company even when you were ill, never giving you even a seconds thought, draining you of energy and denying you full use of your natural five senses, and has made you, your clothes and surroundings smell and your skin look old before its time. But now the truth is out - you know what it was all about and how you were strung along from the very beginning............

How much longer would such a friend be allowed in your life, how long would it be before you threw that so called friend out the door and told it not to come back? Pretty damned quick I bet!

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