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Our Reiki Lineage
  • Dr Mikao Usui

  • Dr Chujiro Hayashi

  • Mrs Hawayo Takata

  • Phyllis Furumoto

  • Claudia Hoffman

  • Mary Shaw

  • Christine Henderson

  • Bruce Way

  • Bev Emery

  • Angela Riste

  • Margaret Merrison

  • Paul Henderson

  • John McClean

  • Vicky McClean

The Original Reiki Lineage - Click On Image for a Short Introduction
The Reiki Affirmation

Just for today,I will let go of my anger
Just for today,I will let go of my worry
Just for today,I will give thanks for my many blessings
Just for today,I will do my work honestly

Just for today,I will be kind to my neighbour and every living thing.


Reiki - The Art of Healing through Universal Energy, is a simple system of healing, by placing hands on or over the person, you are fully clothed for this process. This can be done with anything living, or with an energy force even inanimate objects store energy. Other living things such as animals and plants respond well to Reiki, as they do not try to understand how it works they just accept it and therefore receive it easier. Some people believe that Reiki is only used on humans, but even your pot chrysanthemum can benefit from the healing force of Reiki ! It can also be sent to the subject of its intention, as absent healing, no matter how far away the subject is, and can even be sent through time. We will talk about this on the page for distant healing .

Different forms of healing have been practised for thousands of years, but Reiki as we know it was discovered by Dr. Usui. (See our featured page 'history of Reiki'). Reiki heals on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The heat of the Reiki from the practitioner’s hands can be felt as far as 5 inches away from the body, it is a very powerful healing tool. Some practitioners and their client may also be able to feel a tingling when healing, we know we do !

Reiki is used by a variety of practitioners, people of different religions, cultures & beliefs systems, you don't have to be religious or committed to any particular belief system in order to channel Reiki, or enjoy it's benefits. All you need is the yearning to 'heal' or be 'healed'.

Whether your life seems lacking, or you live it to the full, Reiki embraces and enriches you and the people around you. You might be depressed, an independent materialist or spiritual, you can only benefit from Reiki. The Reiki we deal with here is the 'Usui Shiki Ryoho' (roughly translated Usui-Style Healing Method) aptly named because of Dr. Usui, mentioned earlier. It is thought by some to have shamanic or Tibetan origins, although Usui Sensei is believed to have studied these principles The Origin of REIKI is JAPANEESE and Nothing Else! But there are even conspiracy theories about Reiki these days so who knows what's going to be claimed next!

Traditional/Spiritual Healers believe that their healing gift is a special gift given to them by God or beings from the higher realms, so only them that have been bestowed this special gift can actually heal people, this being the case they don't tend to like Reiki as no such healing gift is received, because anyone with the desired intent to heal can be attuned to Reiki.

Absent and Distant Healing

Absent healing closely resembles the hands-on treatment. The hands are moved, step by step to duplicate the positions on the body. A Reiki practitioner will probably use a pillow or something similar as a proxy, therefore as mentioned before, Reiki can be sent through time and space and into the future, as with distant healing.

If you know the date and time of an event, you can send Reiki to the person so that the healing can be received. This is great for use when someone is taking exams, say for instance, or talking in public etc, as Reiki calms the mind and lowers blood pressure thus making you more relaxed. Reiki love, balance & harmony may be sent to anyone, anywhere ! It may be sent to those in need or distress, be they individuals, groups of people, the unborn baby, animals, plants, fish, birds etc. As Reiki Universe Life force Energy is infinite in its source, its use is infinite also.

Reiki can be sent by way of using a photograph of it's intended destination. The photograph is held in one hand and the Reiki symbols are drawn over with the other hand. This is done quite quick and the Reiki love and healing are received at its destination almost immediately, or at an allotted time.

Experiencing the healing

Why did you consider Reiki? Is it because you've been told about it? Or you was suffering from a physical or emotional pain?

What I do know is Reiki has some kind of calling, you are getting the treatment for a reason and it is the right time, but no matter what your reason for having a Reiki treatment, it always seems to find it's way to you when you need it most. A Reiki therapy session usually takes about an hour or so, and a good practitioner will give you a consultation before your treatment, as they need to get to know you and just as important, you need to get to know your practitioner so as to feel at ease with them.

Having your treatment, you will probably feel tingly sensations, heat, see colours in your mind's eye, and as I felt in my first Reiki treatment, very emotional, I found myself crying! This and the other sensations mentioned earlier are quite normal reactions, as Reiki brings out all the bad emotions, it's like detoxifying yourself but an emotional detox.

Reiki works on your chakras (see our chakras page) and balances them out along the physical body so as to unblock blockages that may have occurred during our everyday lives, and helps them to work properly, rotating in the correct direction. When a chakra is blocked it can cause emotional and physical illness. By using Reiki, these energy centres (chakras) become unblocked and balanced out, releasing past hurts and negative emotions, making you feel like a burden has been lifted, calm and relaxed, and this is where the detoxifying starts. A treatment can make you feel so relaxed, that you actually fall asleep. We have actually had people snoring during their treatments !

The experience will be a totally unique for each person it may or may not affect the person to one degree or another, so it would be quite wrong for me to suggest how the cleansing will affect you, it may last in the region of twenty-one days. So this may cause concern for some people but not for others!

It is important that the recipient understands that this cleansing period may effect them both physically and emotionally and should not be in itself a cause for concern, this does mean however that the time that you have Reiki Healing should be carefully thought out so as to cause the least amount of disruption to any responsibilities or duties you may have.

Intuition used for body-scanning in Reiki

During a Reiki session, the practitioner can use their natural intuition to scan the client's body. As Reiki is a form of channelling, practising using it for yourself & others will make your own intuition become clearer. Therefore, when you are doing Reiki treatments you may find that you intuition comes into play and you are able to pick up on certain parts of the body that need more attention.

Although Reiki energy does go to everywhere in the body, some areas 'feel' they need that little bit more. The practitioner may feel that area by it being hotter or colder in that part, or you may just 'know' that that area needs more healing to unblock it.

If you are in touch with your higher self or guides, you can also ask your Reiki 'guides' and 'angels' for their extra help and support by blessing the treatments you are giving. You do need to ask them though, as they will not interfere with your healing session unless you ask them to. You must always trust and have a belief and faith in what you are doing and be patient, the Reiki 'angels' and 'guides' will come to you when you ask. They never let you down.

When scanning I find, that cold spots denote a blockage and hotter spots tell me there is some tension. Also when you are working on a client that you have had before, you will have made comments about their health, and any parts of the body that showed up as tense or blocked. So therefore, you will be able to tell the difference on further treatment sessions, and will be able to inform the client of their progress with Reiki healing. It is important to know that the Reiki practitioner can not 'diagnose' a client unless they have been trained in a 'medical field' any information given by them is as an 'observation or feeling', as such you would be advised to seek medical advise from your GP/Doctor if concered of any symptoms.

When you receive Reiki healing a Reiki 2 practitioner or master will also use symbols that have been given to them to assist in the healing. These are 3 symbols of which the first one, the 'power' symbol 'cho ku rei', the power symbol empowers all for the highest good, even for the other symbols. The second symbol 'sei hei ki' meaning man and god are one. And the third, and final symbol, 'hon sha ze sho nen' is used for distant healing. These symbols can also be incorporated into 'feng shui' by ways of 'clearing the space'. Distant Healing = on receiving your healing, you may experience, a cleansing period. This is to clear your system of toxins and negativities that you may have been harbouring. It is similar to a body detox, both physically and emotionally.

Basic Uses of Symbols Taught On Reiki 2

Reiki 1 Symbol

1st symbol stats

Symbol 1 can be used to increase the power/flow of Reiki, or to assist in focussing Reiki more intensely at a given location, or to a specific intent. Blesses you, others, anything you take into your body, situations, occasions, objects and just about anything else you can think of, to startling effect.
Visualise the symbol on your hand when giving treatment. Draw it with your hand in mid air into corners of any room. Draw the symbol into your food with your fork, draw it in the soil of your new flowerbeds etc etc. Drawing the symbol in a room or over the entire home can clear past bad atmospheres left in the home from past occupants. The symbol brings positive energy and blessings to everything that you apply it to.
Some practitioners use Symbol 1 to cleanse a room of negative atmospheres; or to 'seal' a treatment. While in 'western' forms of Reiki, the symbol may be used in conjunction with one or more of the other symbols, (with the intent of increase their potency) in 'Japanese' lineages, it is primarily utilised in a stand-alone sense.

Reiki 2 Symbol2nd symbol stats

Promotes mental and emotional healing anywhere it is called for. The symbols healing qualities can also be drawn mid-air in a room that has tense occupants within, as its energy is soothing for a good night's sleep, draw the symbol over your bed before you get in it, or on a sheet of paper and place it under your pillow, or under the bed. This symbol will also help in the marriage where there is conflict, place the symbol under the marital bed.

Reiki 3 Symbol3rd symbol stats

The only symbol needed to send reiki healing over distance or time as it transcends both as it acts in the past, present and future simultaneously. Translated, 'may the Buddha in me reach out to the Buddha in you to promote harmony and peace'. Many people believe that you shouldn't send healing to someone if they haven't asked for it, but, I believe that in many cases this is not so. Sometimes the person you are wanting to send healing to, can't get in touch with you or they are bedridden and can't get to you to ask. Use your own discretion, but whenever possible inform the person before sending healing.

Head Positions

  • Over the eyes - balances pituitary & pineal glands, eyes, glaucoma, sinuses, nose, teeth and jaw

  • Temples and Ears - balances pituitary & pineal glands, eases headache, worry, hysteria, depression, shock, stress. Improves memory, helps with past recall, dream recall, creativity & calms thoughts

  • Backof Head - helps weight maintenance, vision, relaxes & comforts, eases stress, pain & helps with past life and dream recollection, also calms thoughts.

  • Neck & Throat - looks after tonsils, throat, larynx, thyroid, balances low/high blood pressure, improves lymphatic drainage, calms, gives clarity of mind, self confidence. Eases anger, hostility, resentment, relieves tension.

Hand positions from there on are, across and down the body. Reiki is received emotionally as well as physically, so it transmits to all the organs also.

Listed below are some major organs and associated emotions.





Elimination Urine


Gall Bladder

Breaks Down Fats




Love & Joy


Nutrient Absorption

Integration Of Life


Waste Elimination









Blood Circulation

Deep Seated Anger



Experiencing Life

Endoctrine Glands


Perception of Light, Psychic & Spiritual Centre.


Memory, Wisdom, Intelligence & thoughts. It is
believed that Pituitary Gland controls the Endocrine
System, directed by the Hypothalamus.


Growth and Cell Metabolism.


Immune System and Heart (The Immune System also in
the Tonsils,Lymph Glands, Spleen and Bone Marrow.


Blood Sugar.


Kidneys, Bones, Bone Marrow & Spine.

Sexual Glands

Male = prostate, testes.
Female = ovaries, uterus, vagina, breasts.


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