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Individual Past Life Regression

The PLR Cycle

Approx 60 minutes per session

Includes Full Recording Of The Session

Pay £67.00 Now 

Group Sessions Also Available - Please Contact Us For Details.

Past Life Regression (PLR) stems from the belief in reincarnation which is commonly regarded to be attributed to the Eastern philosophies, it is very closely related to the cosmic law of Cause and Effect or what is known as Karma or as they say in the West ‘You reap what you sow’ as such the thought of Reincarnation and Past Lives is becoming more universal, popular and accepted in the West. Although having these belief systems may help you to more readily accept the possibilities of Past Lives regardless of whether you believe in reincarnation or not you can still experience a past life.

There are numerous ways of experiencing a past life such as; psychic/mediumship, astrology, numerology, massage, meditation, visualisation  and relaxation, and the list goes on. I personally use Relaxation as the medium of travel with hypnosis as the method to create the level of relaxation.  The experience of a PLR can be for some quite a profound experience, can for some hold answers to questions you may have about the way you are in your present life. Some have reported that finding out about a previous life has enabled them to understand who they are now, why they have made certain life choices, have a certain ailment or indeed what choices they need to make to enable their present life be more fulfilled.

I don’t believe that PLR holds all the answers, but be it for either spiritual, therapeutic or simply just for interest sake you too may benefit from the experience of a PLR, there is documented examples were when used for therapeutic reasons specific ailments they had have been helped from what they have learnt,
it works on the premis of Cause & Effect (Karma) and deals with internal factors such as; your well-being be it current physical, emotional, mental or spiritual throughout your various lives until now.

There are numerous reports/stories listed on the internet of people who give their accounts of past lives and these come from both The East & West and of varying ages - I'm sure you will find something of interest amongst them if you want to check some out, -
Some only experience one life, many experience multiple lives, this has also been the case from non believers! - So you can take from this what you will!

Although you will be fully aware of the session each PLR session is recorded digitally for you, which you can take for your own information or personal analysis. I carry out the PLR primarily on an individual basis as some wish the experience to be private, however I will also do PLR as a group, sometimes the dynamics in a group scenario help some to have the experience.

The method of PLR that I use is relatively easy to achieve, the only thing that you need is to be open minded and be willing to give it a go, so if you want a personal PLR or indeed a group PLR session give me a call or contact us on the enquiry forms page for details.

**Free Sessions Available, conditions may apply - Contact Us For Details**

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