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Party Stap ImageYeah - It's Party Time. Book a Hypnosis Style Party (HSP) or a Past Life Regression Party (PLP).

A Party to suit your needs (but must be over 18 years old to take part). Will last 2+ hours depending on format & the number of participants (minimum 4 persons, maximum of 8). Contact us to for details. Pay a Deposit of £100 The Balance payable on the day of prior to your event.

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Party Time
Do something different on your special day and book a party, either in the form of a Group Past Life Regression Party (PLP) or a Hypnosis Style Party (HSP).

In either case the event will be styled to suit your needs, is your party to be a family setting, stag/hen party, or a graduation/leaving party, immortalise your HSP by having it put on a *DVD* so you can enjoy it over and over again!  Each PLP participant will be digitally recorded so the experience can documented and reviewed later at their own leisure.

So become the talk of the town amongst your friends & family and book a party. For further details and to discuss your needs please complete the enquiry form to set the party ball rolling....

(*DVD*Personal filming/Recording NOT permitted)

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