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Binaural Beats


Frequency Range

State of Mind


0.5Hz - 4Hz

Deep Sleep


4Hz   -  8Hz

Drowsiness (also first stage of sleep)


8Hz   - 14Hz

Relaxed but alert


14Hz  - 30Hz

Highly alert and focused

Chakra Balancing :- Different Frequencies Are Used For Each Chakra ie:


194.18 Hz and 8 Hz (Muladhara)


210.42 Hz and 9 Hz (Swasthisthana)

Solar Plexus

126.22 Hz and 10 Hz (Manipura)


136.10 Hz and 10.5 Hz (Anahata)


141.27 Hz and 12 Hz (Vishuddha)

Third Eye

221.23 Hz and 13 Hz (Ajna)


172.06 Hz and 15 Hz (Sahasrara)

"What are binaural beats recordings?"
Binaural beat recordings are specially generated sounds, designed to alter your brainwaves - bringing about different states of mind, such as happiness, creativity, or relaxation. They're perfectly safe, non-addictive, and can be used as often as you like.
Of course, all of this information would be useless without actually knowing which frequencies induce the desired states of mind.
Thankfully, thanks to much scientific research and many thousands of electroencephalograph reading studies, these frequencies have long been well-known to the community. And here they are:

  • Delta 1 - 3 Hz Deep sleep, lucid dreaming, increased immune functions

  • Theta 4 - 7 Hz Deep relaxation, meditation, increased memory, focus

  • Alpha 8 - 12 Hz Light relaxation, "super learning", positive thinking

  • Beta 13 - 25 Hz Normal state of alertness, stress, anxiety

Of course, further studies have shown that specific types of exposure to certain frequencies is better at assisting different mind states. For example, we know that a 30-minute session at 5 Hz can replace around 2 to 3 hours work of sleep. Insomnia can be assisted with a ten minute dose of between 4 Hz and 6 Hz, then entering frequencies below 3.5 Hz for twenty to thirty minutes, then settling on 2.5 Hz and fading out. Accelerated learning can take place at between 7 Hz and 9 Hz.

Technical Tips:
The frequencies on basic entrainment cdroms range from 2k Hz to 60 Hz. Most stereo systems can handle this through reasonable quality speakers. Virtually all systems - boom boxes, portable cd players, computers, etc. - can handle these frequencies provided you are using headphones.

It has been noted that some smaller systems, like mini shelf stereos and boom boxes, when using their speaker systems, cannot fully produce the lower frequencies, and it may appear that the cd has no, or very low volume, audio on it.
When using entrainment cdroms for the first time, it is suggested that you preview the content with headphones and compare the response to your stereo if you choose to use speakers instead of headphones. If you hear the same tones on your speakers as you did on your headphones, your system is ok.


Some CDs contain only audio tones ,which cannot produce any adverse effects, these CDs are intended for use in a comfortable and safe environment as it requires the user's attention to gain the most benefit. Listening to these CDs, or any audio or music CD, in any environment requiring attention is not advised.

Some Notes About Binaural Beat Audio You Need To Know:
One of the biggest misunderstandings about Binaural Beats is the use of the 'carrier' tones. The 'carrier' tone is the audible tone - the part you 'hear'. This tone MUST be pure - the purest tone is a sine wave. If this tone is complex - like a violin or synthesized sound - the binaural beat target frequency will be corrupted.

Let me explain: If the primary carrier (a pure sine wave of frequency f1) contains only the first harmonic which, when mixed with the secondary carrier (a pure sine wave of frequency f2) of different frequency, will produce a pure binaural beat of:

|f1 - f2| = f3 (beat frequency)

CD's that contain talking, or sounds of the sea, nature etc are not true Binaural Beat CDs. Yes - They sound pleasing - but they are not targeted or accurate by any sense of the word. Simply having a 4 Hz resonance in a sound does not make it a 'Binaural Beat'. Generally these products can have a 'placebo' type effect simply because they sound so 'pleasant' but they do not achieve Brainwave Entrainment.

Pure sine waves are irritating to some people and can be quite boring. It is possible however, to Diffuse the 'irritating' effect. Diffusion Noise reduces the irritating effect and makes the experience more pleasurable for many users - especially those with Tinnitus. Because of Diffusion Noise's randomness the carrier corruption is minimal and practically no detectable alternate beating occurs.

  • Delta Waves ( below 3.5 Hz ) This is the frequency range associated with deep sleep. People do not dream when they are in Delta sleep.

  • Theta Waves ( 3.5 Hz to 7.0 Hz ) This is the frequency range associated with hypnotic, deeply relaxed states of consciousness. Lucid Dreams are more prone to occur in theta. The mind is in a twilight state and is prone to free association resulting in amazing mental images. Many PSI phenomenon's are noted to occur in theta such as remote viewing, out of body experiences, and astral projection. Waves ( 7.0 Hz to 13.0 Hz ).

  • Alpha Waves ( 7.0 Hz to 13.0 Hz ) In Alpha, we are awake, but relaxed. Alpha is sometimes described as the 'daydream' state as most daydream activity occurs in persons while in alpha. There are many reports suggesting relationships between people with Fibromyalgia, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, ADD, AD/HD, and other maladies, that may suffer from excessive Alpha with little Beta activity during the normal waking day.

  • Beta Waves ( 13.0 Hz to 40.0 Hz ) Beta is associated with the fully awake, fully focused mind. High beta without alpha is associated with stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, and similar issues.

Each of these frequencies occur in nature and are usually associated with a relaxed state of mind - the crashing of the waves, the babbling of a stream, the wind through the trees, etc. Native American Indians produce theta and delta rhythms with their tribal drum rituals. It is believed that this is the source of their hypnotic states and mystical experiences.

The U.S. Government itself uses a team of psychics in the famous Stargate project. It is known that at least one member of this group use binaural beats to clear their mind prior to remote viewing.


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