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Key to your mindMind MOT - (Half Day Therapy Session With Hypnotherapy, NLP, Reiki,FreewayCER)   £397.00

Pay a 50% Deposit of £198.50 The Balance payable on the day of prior to your appointment.   

All the following sessions are done on a mobile basis so I come to you.  By incorporating our blend of Hypnosis, NLP, Reiki, VCDT & FreewayCER Techniques this is a full on - Half Day of therapy that will give your a unique therapeutic experience. This Appointment is 5 hours  ie: 9am - 2pm, or 1pm- 6pm (includes a consultation).

Rothercard Holders - Special Discounts of 25% Off The Full Price

Mind MOT
This is a Half Day Therapy Session were we utilise the use of all our services. It typically lasts about 5 hours, sometimes longer depending on the consultation, any breaks you feel you need etc.  As with all our treatments your day will start with a thorough consultation, and discussion about your needs and how best to achieve your goals. We will work together at a speed to suite you.

After the initial consultation the following is a typical way some have chosen to proceed;

  • Reiki Session - this helps the client to relax and start the day gently.

Hmmm brew time! ;)

  • FreewayCer Session – Working on emotional problems and teaching you a skill for life so as to utilise it for future use.

Yes please white 2 sugars! ;)

  • VCDT & NLP - Fast ways to work with any stubborn mental issues were we remap the way your mind works – almost like setting a computer back to factory settings!

Ooh cup of tea! ;)

  • Then finishing the day with a hypnosis session so as to cement any changes you have made and to use post hypnotic suggestion to continue with any personal work you wish to do.

With each technique that we use together you will experience life changes, proving to the most ardent person that changes are possible regardless of how long a problem may have been in control of your life.  

So as you see it can be a busy half day, but it is up to you to choose which way you would like to work, in what order you feel would suite you and to use the techniques that you want, you may find whilst working together that you like one technique more than another, but don’t be put off or afraid as we will discuss all aspects of our work together during the consultation the format is not set in stone! Basically the session is for you and we will make it the best and most beneficial that we can for you.  Oh by the way did I mention a cup of tea!!?

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