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Hello SW er's these downloads are FREE and for You to have some 'Me Time',you can give yourself permission to take a little time for yourself You deserve it!

  • Please be sensible when listening to these audios, DO NOT use whilst driving or using machinery.

  • Set a side about an hour for yourself were you can have some quality time to yourself so as to enjoy the audio without interruption.

  • Turn off or at least mute your mobile phone and anything else that you think could hinder your hypnosis experience.

  • Loosen any tight fitted clothing, remove your shoes, may be have a blanket or throw available, some people may get a little chilly as the body relaxes a natural reaction is for your heart rate to slow down thus slowing your blood flow so your extremities may be effected.

  • For the best results us headphones, these audios will require you to close your eyes to help you from being distracted, you can either sit comfortably or indeed lay down try both and see which option you prefer.

  • The best way to be successful is to actually book an appointment with a hypnotherapist and agree on sessions etc. I used to give these audios to paying clients to strenghen the effect after their session as a bit of homework as I mostly only needed to use 1 session. However listening to the audios alone can help you achieve your goal.
  • Give yourself the chance to change by listening to the audio once a day or at least every other day for 28 days. everyone is different it will work when the time is right for you.

Although I no longer practice professionally I will help were I can. If you have any questions there are details about hypnosis and other mind treatment modalities elsewhere on this web site or PM me if you prefer on Facebook / Messenger.

Cheers Enjoy


Download  this Instrumental MP3. It's Repetative Hypnotic music to help you relax, best used with headphones. Approx 21 minutes long.

You can choose to either listen to each recording directly from this site for a limited time ( I'll take the page down in a week or so) or you can Download it directly to your own mobile device. The audio's format is mp3 and the video is MP4 so can easily be saved to phones/recorders/laptops etc. To Download 'Right Click Mouse' on the audio player/video and choose 'Save Audio As' to put it were ever you need to save it.
Download the following MP3 audios.  They're voiced over in an open script style with a music background to help you relax, best used with headphones. The first one is approx 42 minutes long.  The second approx 52 minites, just download them both and choose the one you prefer. To use these correctly you need to have in mind what you want to achieve before you start listening to the audio. The main differance in the 2 scripts is the second audio uses Hypnosis and more NLP techneques than the first audio.

If it helps write down your intension and read it a few times to get your thought's straight, visualise (imagine) a picture of what you would look like as the new you when you have successfully reached your goal. See the picture in big bold, vivid, colour the more vivid the picture the better the outcome.  Be Specific, don't generalise otherwise you are leaving yourself open to fail. (ONLY DEAL WITH ONE SUBJECT /GOAL AT A TIME).

If you want to see if this will work for you for interest sake you can take the Hypnotizability test on the top of the home page.

You can choose to either use these hypnosis audios to:

  • Start doing something you want to achieve a goal ie: (loose weight or to stay on track!)
  • Stop doing something you don't want to do ie (eat chocolate!)
  • Change something about yourself ie: (build self esteem)
  • To break a habit. (Typically takes twenty one days to break a habit) that's why my clients were instructed to listen to the recordings for 28 days!
  • Start a new behaviour you wish to continue doing on in to the future.
  • Or simply to relax and de stress. If you can do that it's worth it's weight in gold!

FreewayCER is more than a tapping routine.
FreewayCER is a quick and easy system to learn and use with only 8 main Meridian points bring utilized FreewayCER comes to us from the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, utilising ancient knowledge throughout the ages from as far back as over 3000 years ago it uses ancient Chi Gung methods which have been passed down from the Great Grand Masters adapted for modern day use.

FreewayCER has been used to help people gain relief and remission from:

  • Anxiety, nervousness, panics, depression, Lack of confidence, low self esteem, lack of concentration, studying & passing exams, passing driving tests.
  • Many phobias including: flying, heights, spiders, choking, mice, onions, darkness, open spaces.
  • Addictions including; tobacco, alcohol and hard and soft drugs including; heroin, methadone, cocaine.
  • Eating disorders, insomnia, behavioural disorders, aggressiveness, PTSD, PMT, pains without any medical causes; plus an endless list of other symptomatic and painful conditions.

The document opposite is formated as 2 x A4 size pages, fold in the centre to make 4 pages - print it out to get the best prospective - the yellow fella is the back page! Read it and if interested give me a call or I can have a quick word after SW on Thursday evening.

The video below is a set of Chi Gung exercises made up from Ancient Wisdom Teachings (a bit like Ti Chi) it's easy to do but the audio quality isn't up to much - just watch and follow along. If you have any questions PM me.
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