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Colours do have an effect on us all, so we thought we would add a little on Colours to our website, to give you an insight and hopefully understanding of which colours, mean what.

We all feel sometime or another that different colours can make us feel different ways. As like guardian angels, we are born with a specific colour that stays with us for life. I know mine is 'purple' and shades of purple i.e lilac etc, as it plays a big part in my life, in what I choose to use in my home, what I wear and so on. We use colours to describe certain feelings in our lives without even realising it. How many times have you heard expressions like, 'green with envy' or 'I'm feeling blue' or 'she's in the pink' 'yellow belly' and several others. It is quite surprising how often colours are an aspect of our everyday lives, even though, most of the time we don't even think about it & take them for granted.

Imagine for just a second, a life without colour, everything black and white. How awful would that be? But until we think of it like this, we take colour for granted and don't even notice it. Amazingly, even blind people can 'see' colours by picking up on the different vibrations given out by each colour.

Colours are chosen in what we wear, chosen for our homes in furniture, paint etc, in or workplace, schools and hospitals. What we choose reflects our emotions, personalities, and influences our moods. Many of our healing needs to be met by Colour Therapy to bring about balance in the body and psyche. Invisible vibrations of colour can relax or stimulate us according to what colour we have chosen. When you pick out colours you want for your home, it is not by chance, it's your own psyche working with the colour vibrations and how you react to them. Everyone has psychic ability but for some it is very subtle and choosing colour is just one of the subtle ways of using your ability.

We all have an auric field, an energy field around us, this shows a lot about our health and emotional wellbeing (for more info on auras go to aura page) and colour is also connected to our chakras (see chakras page)

Your home can be a haven of happiness, health, relaxation and serenity just by what colours you choose. When you decorate and furnish it in the appropriate colours for you it changes your mood. Working with colour and understanding the connection between colour and your own wellbeing can be very beneficial. Wearing certain colours, even eating certain colours all can have an effect on you & aid healing.




Give extra energy and heal tiredness.


Heal grief & disappointment.


Encourage laughter, enjoyment & raise your emotional self, alleviating depression.


Improve physical stamina & help relieve panic attacks and fear.



Help concentration, calm you down, bring peace, relaxation and alleviate anxieties, healing insecurities.


Heal and calm the emotionally highly strung.

By eating coloured foods, especially fresh, organic foods, you keep the colour vibration alive. They heal and stimulate health from the inside out. Junk and processed foods are of no good in this sense, as they are dead colours and have no nutrients. Cooking colourful foods in a microwave kills off the colour energies, creating internal disharmony. If your aim is to be lighter in weight and have total wellbeing in your body, yellow is the colour to eat and wear, as it eliminates excess body fat and gives you a happy disposition. In meditation, visualising a yellow sunshine can have an uplifting effect and help with weight loss. Yellow promotes energy in both body and mind. A fresh, juicy, colourful, fruit salad is not only pleasing to the taste buds, but also to the eye, mind and body!
Gazing at different coloured crystals and/or candles will instinctively give off different energies, and you will know which ones you want, as you will be drawn to it. As I said earlier wearing different colours can have beneficial effects. You know when you wear a colour, that it isn't right for you because you're uncomfortable with it. If however, you wear a colour that suits you, it ultimately has a positive effect on you immediately. Emotionally you feel better and other people around you will notice also, there is a glow about you. When you wear a colour that you know compliments you & you feel good in, well-being ensues.

Light, is energy. Colour, is from light. Without light & colour, there is no life. Light up your life emotionally, physically and spiritually with colour. Colour can change your life !
Below are just a few colours, and what they symbolise. Each colour also has it's own qualities and this is what shines out in us. Look at your favourite colour and its qualities and see if it reflects you.






Life - strength - power - vitality - desires - friendly - passionate - determination - fight - strength of mind & character - warm, affectionate nature.



Optimism - confidence - enthusiasm - courage - vitality - unselfishness - energetic - sensitivity - security - joy - anti depressant - release - pleasure.



Mentally stimulating - wisdom - intellectual knowledge - cleverness - happiness - joyfulness - optimism - teaching - self confidence - uplifting - logical - clear thinking.



Growth - creativity - artistic - balance - harmony - calming - centred - nursing - empathic - security.



Caring - compassionate - nursing - healing - faithful - hopeful - devoted - honesty - sincere - trustful - inspirational - spiritual - meditation - cleansing - tranquil.



Prayer - intuition - solitude - devotion - faith - lover of music - compassionate - protective -cleansing - dramatic - creative.



Inspirational of beauty& art - poetical - humility - mediumistic - maturity - spiritual - dignity - encourages prayer & meditation - calms - balances the mind.



Positive love - contentment - devotion - self respect - emotional - fulfilment - good health - soothing - considerate.



Refreshing - cooling - mentally calming - youthful - strengthening - concentration & control over speech - aids power of communication - confident - immunity.

I hope this small portion of information on Colour Therapy has helped you and if you have any questions, feel free to email us.


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