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Chakras are energy centres in the body at seven major points arranged along the spinal column. These seven charkas are used in crystal healing and reiki healing along with other therapies.
Chakras are spinning vortices that focus certain frequencies of energy. When a charka accumulates stress it becomes less able to assimilate and direct the appropriate energy into the body. Each charka has a particular focus of action but they are all interrelated. One charka becoming blocked or disturbed it will affect other chakras from functioning properly causing physical or emotional illness or upset.
The best way to maintain efficient working chakras is to have them balanced and this can be done during a therapy.

  • The 1st Chakra

Known as the base or root charka,(Muladhara)
it is located at the base of the spine.
Colour – red
Function – physical survival, stability, energy distribution & practicality
Linked to the adrenal glands

  • The 2nd Chakra

Known as the sacral charka,(Swasthisthana)
situated in the lower abdomen below the nave
Colour – orange
Function – creativity, feelings, sexual drive, pleasure & exploration
Linked to gonads

  • The 3rd Chakra

Known as the solar plexus chakra,(Manipura)
situated just below the rib cage
Colour – yellow
Function – deals with self-confidence & personal power
Linked to pancreas and spleen

  • The 4th Chakra

Known as the heart charka,(Anahata)
located at the centre of the chest
Colour – green
Function – deals with relationships, personal development, direction & sharing
Linked to the heart and thymus gland

  • The 5th Chakra

Known as the throat chakra,(Vishuddha)
located at the thyroid area on the throat
Colour – blue
Function – concerns are with all communication, personal expression & flow of information
Linked to the throat, sinuses and ears

  • The 6th Chakra

Known as the third eye,(Ajna)
situated in the middle of the brow
Colour – indigo
Function – understanding, perception, knowledge and mental organisation
Linked to the pituitary glands

  • The 7th Chakra

Known as the crown chakra, (Sahasrara)
situated just above the top of the head
Colour – violet/purple
Function – maintains overall balance of the chakra system & channels universal life energy (Reiki) into the system. Maintains a sense of wholeness and stimulates fine levels of perception, intuition & inspiration.
Linked to the pineal or pituitary glands.


Everyone has an aura, it surrounds the whole of the body all round, totally enveloping it, even under your feet below the ground where you walk. The aura is multi layered, colours that blend into one another, and blending in with the atmosphere. Smoking, drinking and drug taking, whether it prescribed or recreational, all can affect the aura, making it more spaced out. Larger. A 'normal' aura expands out from the physical body by about 2 feet. In a spaced out condition that 2 foot can double in size. To get maximum benefits from meditation or any other therapy that cleanses the aura, it is wise to visually draw your aura in towards you, so that it isn't as spaced out. The aura consists as a number of layers and the exact number of layers differs from person to person. Some people can see auras and some need to train themselves to see them, if they so wish. To see an aura without training yourself to, is usually down to a mixture of chemicals, energies and minute particles of our own individual body chemicals, the mixture causes an iridescent light around us so that the aura becomes visible as a form and colour. If you can remember a certain breakfast cereal advertisement, (I can't advertise) where everyone who ate it had a red band of light around them keeping them insulated, that's how the first layer of your aura looks but obviously not bright red!

Have you ever stood near someone and felt there aura! I sure have. Positive ones and negative ones. Sometimes you can even feel the density of it. When it feels very dense and almost stickiness to it, it usually denotes an imbalance. When the aura is imbalanced like this it normally comes out as an illness in the person or they are rundown in some way, like a virus etc. If you can feel it densely in a specific area of the body that is usually where there will be a specific problem. This can be healed with Reiki healing or balanced with crystals etc there are many ways to help. Holding your hands over an affected area that is icy cold usually denotes the imbalance in the aura, holding this position until the Reiki heat warms the area up will heal the aura and balance it out.

Here is a fun way to try and feel the aura around someone else. get one of your friends or family member to stand with their back towards you so they cannot see where you are stood or what you are doing. Stand about 3 feet away from that person and hold out your hands, palms up towards them, and slowly start walking forward until you can feel a little resistance from them hitting your palms. In most cases it will feel quite subtle, kind of a spongy feel. Then push one of your hands towards an area of their body at the back, don't tell them where you hit. And they should be able to tell you exactly which area you've struck. Obviously not with contact, but you have struck their aura and they should be able to feel it. It doesn't hurt, it just feels like a slight tap on the area but it is a fun way for you all to try and feel each others auras. This also gives you the proof of the auras existence, that's if you needed it in the first place!!

Below is another short exercise for you to try and actually see the aura a little.

Place your hand on a white background, either a piece of white paper or a white towel, something to that effect. Then look at your hand and let your vision just slightly, look past the hand so your hand becomes slightly blurred and it is possible to see the first layer of the auric field (your aura)it looks kind of like a light hazy grey/blue. Another good one, if it is accessible to you, I find, is standing against a blank white wall with a mirror in front of you. Just stare at yourself in the mirror and the same thing, relax your vision so you are actually focusing just past yourself onto the blank white wall and you should be able to see your auric field around your head and shoulders etc.

If you at first don't get it try and try again. It maybe that you need to practice a little but it is quite extraordinary when you can see it. just a bit of fun ! If you are the sort of person that can see past that first layer and you can see different colours consider yourself lucky and gifted ! top

Chakras with Oils & Crystals

As well as crystals, oils can be used to balance the chakras as a compliment to the crystal therapy or used alone. As you might well know oils have also become very popular nowadays and as well as essential oils for aromatherapy, you can purchase candles scented with your favourite oils or better still make your own at home.
All these complimentary therapies work on the senses of our bodies and essential oils are another big part of it. We all know that certain smells and aromas remind us past times and we even may recall past-lives that we didn't know about just by an aroma. Aromatherapy is a good way to relax and is something we can all do no matter how busy our schedule or limited our budget. A few drops of lavender oil, for example, in a hot bath is the perfect way to unwind at the end of a busy day and it also aids restful sleep, lavender is my personal favourite but if you don't care for the smell of lavender you will always find an oil that will work for you. And by the same token oils are reputed to treat depression, stress and ailments just like crystals can do !
Listed below are the essential oils that work best with the 7 main chakras already listed. (for more information on Chakras, see Chakras page)

Essential Oils for the Chakras

If you are having problems with a certain part of your body either physically or emotionally, you can assess which chakra you feel is affected by the problem and then apply the correct essential oil.
Note : as mentioned above aromas can bring back memories, some good others bad, so make sure you are happy with the oil before you use it

Chakras With Oils & Crysals


Oil Type & Use


Patchouli - grounds you, centres & strengthens both base and sacral chakras.


Benzoin - balances this chakra, sacral & crown chakras, cleanses negativity from your aura and the environment.

Solar Plexus

Benzoin - balances this chakra, sacral & crown chakras, cleanses negativity from your aura and the environment.


Lavender - The psychic first aid oil. Clears negativity & opens your crown chakra increasing your inner guidance.


Peppermint - Clears negativity from your aura and environment and reduces hysteria and shock.

Third Eye (Brow)

Pine - Cleanses negativity from your aura.


Neroli - Embraces and transforms, reduces fear, shock and negative emotions.



Crystal Type


Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, Bloodstone


Azurite, Golden Topaz

Solar Plexus

Malachite, Jasper, Tigers Eye


Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Amazonite


Turquoise, Aquamarine, Blue Topaz, Blue Tourmaline

Third Eye (Brow)

Sodalite, Azurite, Lapis Lazuli


Amethyst, Citrine, Quartz


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