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Reiki Attunements Details.

Reiki I

Course Pre-requisite - None
Usui called the first degree in Reiki  - Shoden, or First Teaching. In western teachings this is generally known as the personal practitioner's level, it is the level in which you learn to heal  'physically present persons' including yourself ,family, friends, and animals & living objects.

After having received the initiations all you have to do is to lay your hands either on or above someone or something with the intent to heal and the energy will flow through you. The Reiki symbols are placed in your aura and chakras but they are not revealed to you.

Most people that feel the need to start an actual practice will be guided when it is right for them, this is when you would take the Reiki 2 level courses

Reiki 2

Course Pre-requisite (Reiki 

Proof Required )

This second level is called Okuden, or Inner Teaching, in Japanese. The most important thing in Okuden is learning to do absent or distance healings. This is when you would work on a professional level where if you wished to you can start a practice and charge for your services.

You are taught how to heal people or animals not present, and how to send energy to a goal or situation, through time & space. You will receive another attunement which allows you to further open up your energy system, and it is believed by some that the amount of energy channelled with Reiki II is twice as much as the energy of Reiki I.

Three symbols and their mantras are now given, so you can consciously learn to make use of them.

All courses are for 1 or 2 days, mostly dependant on size of class, this includes the attunements, discussions and hands on practice, each student receives a full manual, audio CD, with hands on practical instruction for the relevant degree with practical application.

Reiki 1 is the longest Attunement which consists of 4 initiations before the attunement is complete, Reiki 2  consists of only one initiation to complete the attunement.

Reiki Attunements are held on the first Saturday & Sunday of each month.  A maximum of 6 Students will be accepted for attunements in each course (Reiki 1 & 2) thus allowing plenty of time for each student to have personal tuition time.

There are various options with regard to the format for each course, also whether you want to do Reiki 1 & 2* on separate weekends 4 weeks a part or indeed in one weekend back to back*.

I am happy to do Attunements as a group or on an individual basis; I am also willing to travel to you, to your home or a suitable location near you with facilities for the training to take place. This will incur costs for travel and accommodation, we can discuss details prior to taking the bookings, when coming to a venue that I book you will need to either organise your own accommodation or I can sort it for you, also course itineraries available when the course is booked.

Free Attunements are available call me for details.

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