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An Introduction To Angels

Our growing fascination with angels is evidently obvious today in society, you only have to look at the tapes and books in your local bookstore and in the media – television, movies and even in music.
It is not necessary to be clairvoyant to experience angelic vibrations, the curtain between us mere mortals and the angelic realm is paper thin. You don’t need to see an angel to experience the love and warmth from them, we know they are around us. Most of us ‘know’ or ‘feel’ at sometime that we aren’t alone, we sometimes feel an angel enfolding us and guiding us bringing love, wisdom and healing.
How many of you have been low or in tears just pleading for someone to
help you or hear you or guide you, and knowing or feeling that someone is around you listening, even though no-one is ‘physically’ there. Your angel is there, they are always there. It is their mission, to be with you from your birth onwards, you are never ‘alone’.
Now come with me, and I will try to guide you as best as I can to help you connect with, and experience the love and joy of the wondrous angelic kingdom.

Invoking the Angels
The angels are awaiting your call, but will not usually interfere in your life unless you request their help, only in extreme or emergency circumstances will they appear without being asked. They are waiting for you to contact them and when you do and they hear you they will get very excited and happy to help, but there are a few guidelines to adhere to before beginning.

Your request must not be harmful to others or with ill intent.
You must be positive in what you are asking for.

They cannot interfere with your ‘karma’, meaning, you have certain lessons to learn in this life and any past lives you may have lived and this will affect how angels will react to your prayers and wishes, not to say they won’t help!

To connect with your angels you must first go to a calm peaceful, uncluttered room or space that you have prepared for this interaction. Try and calm and relax yourself, take some deep breaths, or meditate if you know how, take the telephone off the hook and try and avoid any distractions. Maybe play some soothing music or even angel music, there are lots of different tapes and cd’s you can purchase nowadays, some especially for meditation and connecting with angels. Maybe you would like to light some candles or burn essential oils or incense sticks and cones, Have some paper and a pen at hand and be as honest as you can allow yourself to be.

Write down any frustrations or anxieties you have, problems, questions that you want answering Try to be as specific as you can, pour your heart out if that’s what you need to do, the more information your angels have about what you need, the more they will be able to help you. Fold the piece of paper up and hide it away wherever you want and only you will ever be able to find it, and be patient, your angels will listen and will do their utmost to help you.

You must then ‘thank’ your angels for listening and send forgiving thoughts to those that may of hurt you in the past. If you are not ready to do that, at least have no bad thoughts towards others. And at the very least ‘be patient’, your prayers will be answered, I can assure you for small problems or help there and then, you can ask your angels to help you, in your mind, if you are down or anxious or just need guidance at that moment in time.

The good thing about this method is that you can be anywhere, at home, on the bus, at work! Just ask your angels mentally, “Please Angels Help Me, show me the way, or help me make the right choice” they are listening and this is a very effective way of contacting them as they are always around you.

There are also ‘angel cards’ you can buy, that you can use daily or whenever you need to, to give you guidance or help you with an answer to a question, they will also normally come with a book to explain their meanings.

Here are just a few signs of your angel visiting you:

1.A fragrance may appear from nowhere it is probably one that you won’t have smelt before as it is from the angelic realms and you may not even be able to describe it but you know it is there and its never a bad smell, a sweet aroma has been described before

2.Temperatures may change in your space, a warm feeling or warm air and tingling at the back of the neck or head

3.A white feather may appear in an unlikely place, this is sign that your angel is with you and is answering your prayers and ready to help you

4.You may see different coloured lights that just seem to appear for no earthly reason, shafts of light shooting up and down or across a room. Or you may see what looks like to be glitter flashing and falling. Angels will not try to frighten you so don’t be afraid they will never appear to you fully until they know you are ready for that kind of communication

5.You may hear voices, that seem to be in your head, its ok you aren’t going mad, your angel is trying to converse with you. If you cant make out what she/he is saying to you, if it is mumbled or very quiet ask you angel to speak up a little and clearer they wont mind

6.If you are sensitive to spiritual realms, you may experience sensations in your body that aren’t usually there, particularly in your heart , an overwhelming sense of compassion and love when your angels are around you. This may make you cry, but these are tears of joy and angelic peace, when this happens you’ll know what I mean, its just an overwhelming sense of so much love that it makes you well up from your heart

7.Angels can appear when you are dreaming with a solution to a problem you asked for help with and you will remember it when you awake so that you can act upon it if you want to

8.You may be able to feel your angel/s presence as simply a brush past you or hands on your shoulders guiding you or just simply you may feel you are not alone, when you know you are the only one in the room.
These signs are for you to take notice of if you like me, have experienced any of them, your angel's are trying to tell you that they are ready to help you and more than willing.

You have finally made a connection don’t ignore it

My angel guides are called Sarah, Michael and Simon and I have been blessed to be able to feel their love and support and hear them, my angel guide Sarah even channels through me and helps bring loved ones to talk. She is an inspiration to me and your angel will be to you when you make that contact.

Angels and Meditation

Practice meditation as often as you can, and in the stillness you will receive angelic messages and inspiration. The more you quieten your mind, the easier it will be for you to hear your angels.

As you meditate, the angels wish for you to reflect on your life and to listen to your heart and follow your intuition. If there is an aspect of your life that you need to let go of or change, the angels will urge you to reach out to them so that they may reveal your deepest desires and dreams.Recognising the Presence of Angels

Good luck in your Angel endeavours
Love and Light xx


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